In the early days of the apocalypse when the internet is still up and running, you should make full use of the internet.  Here are the most helpful websites to get you started on your search for apocalypse-survival knowledge.

The Zombie Apocalypse Weapons Guide


When you are ready to get serious about your weapon knowledge and skills, this is the resource for you.  It takes you through different types of weapons and how practical (or not) they are in various situations.

How to Survive A Zombie Apocalypse: A Beginners Guide


Alright. The apocalypse has just happened an you are confused, scared, and all you know is that you want to live.  This should be the first source you go to get a very brief overview of all the basic things you will need to know in order to survive.

Zombies: A Guide to the Apocalypse


This helpful, pre-apocalyptic guide pulls together information from many print sources all into one place.  It takes you through a list of helpful books, general survival hints, supplies/foods, and an extensive weapons list.  It also goes through different outbreak scenarios so you can hone in on your particular situation.


After the apocalypse has progressed, you will not have the benefit of the lightning-quick internets at your service.  You will have to fall back on good ole’ print sources for all your zombie knowledge; but don’t worry, there are good ones out there and here are the best of the best.

The Zombie Survival Guide, Max Brooks

The Zombie Survival Guide is a general reference handbook on how to survive the apocalypse. The guide provides background on how the outbreaks started as well as attacks that have been reported over the years. More importantly, the book delves into all the necessary facets of protecting oneself from the undead. Included are sections on weapons, defense strategies, and how to fight. Perhaps the most useful information Brooks provides is that in the section “Living in an Undead World” which gives you a general round-up on how to survive.

The Zombie Handbook: How to Identify the Living Dead and Survive the Coming Zombie Apocalypse, Rob Sacchetto

This Zombie Handbook is for the graphic learners out there.  Sacchetto narrates his guide in a very easy-to-understand for quick reference and every point is illustrated for extra clarity.  It goes through a history of zombies, “The Zombie Diet”, and how to survive among other, smaller chapters.

So Now You’re A Zombie: A Handbook for the Newly Undead, John Austin

So you were one the unfortunate ones who didn’t survive the zombie apocalypse? Lucky for you, this book will guide you through all the ups and downs of your new, decomposing life.  Not only does it take you through the history of your people, but how to survive attacks from those still alive and how to live off an all-human diet.

The Zombie Combat Manual: A Guide to Fighting the Living Dead, Roger Ma

The apocalypse has finally happened and WWZ is officially begun.  The Zombie Combat Manual will give you low-down on how to become a big, bad zombie killing machine.  It first debunks some popular zombie myths, then goes into training, weapons, and general fighting techniques.

The Zombie Handbook: An Essential Guide to Zombies and, More Importantly, How to Avoid Them, Dr. Robert Curan

If you’ve got some extra time on your hands and have some questions about not only the history of zombies, but more information on the types of zombies and other similar creatures out there, this is the book for you.  After you have ramped up your knowledge on the undead, the guide will explain how to pick out the zombies in a crowd and how to live through their inevitable attack.


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