Emergency Preparedness 

Don’t go looking for supplies in dumpsters, not only is that unsanitary, but they cause too many blind spots.

Hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, swine flu, zombie apocalypse: you’re going to need to be prepared. From supplies lists, to emergency plans for your family and pets (we don’t need another I Am Legend scenario), FEMA has compiled a list of downloadable PDFs giving you the best chances for being prepared in the face of the brain-munching un-dead.


American Hospital Directory 

Injury (and probably un-death) are inevitable during a zombie apocalypse  Depending on the type of outbreak, hospitals can be your saving grace, or your worst nightmare. While hospitals are prime locations to find medical supplies, it could also be ground zero for the virus of the undead. Either way, you need to know where they are and this list can help. It is a compilation of hospitals and their locations in the United States.

Jane’s International Defence Directory 

Shopping cars are effective for multi-kills

There’s going to be a lot of head-lopping that needs to be done. Weapons are just as important as food, so you’re going to need to know where they are. This comprehensive list directs you to where the weapons manufactures are, what they have. There is also contact information for government agencies and trained individuals. It doesn’t matter how much of a libertarian you were, it’s a zombie-eat-human world and you’re going to need all the help you can get.



Everything you need to know (mostly) about zombies compiled in one convenient location. A Learn about types of zombies, past zombie experiences and how to best combat various breeds of zombies. It also links to a convenient chart (also found here on this site) that should be kept on your person at all times.

Max Brooks Zombie World

Max Brooks, Zombiologist

Max Brooks is the premier Zombiologist of North America. He has written several books documenting zombie attacks, zombie behavior and how to survive during the end of the living world. This directory provides a list of books written by Mr. Brooks and where to get them. . The three books listed cover topics ranging from describing necessary skills, to first hand accounts and tips on recognizing and preventing various zombie attacks. Learn from their mistakes.


Run for Your Lives: 5k Across the US

It’s no surprise that librarians may be the first to go. Sitting behind a desk all day does not exactly breed great stamina (though being able to lift 40 pounds of books at once could prove useful in transporting the injured). Surviving the zombie plague is going to require speed, stamina and agility, so you best start training now. This website serves as a directory of 5k races filled with zombie-themed obstacles across the United States.  Meet other apocalyptic athletes and form a well oiled machine of zombie-killing peers. Only the fit will survive.

Humans Vs. Zombies 

College students are on the list of likely survivors. They’re young, full of energy and can survive solely on canned foods. To add to their strengths, games of Humans Vs. Zombies have been spreading to major campuses across the nation. In these training sessions, students gain skills in stealth, stamina and aim (you need to be a good shot so you can save as many bullets). On this website you can search where active training is taking place, or organize a training session at a campus near you (nerf guns are used, usually the Maverick, watch this video to learn how to modify your gun to gain an advantage in the game).

Online Zombie Games

Not enough time in the day train? Want to fill up that free time in your cubicle with practicing useful life skills? Try, a place where you can train your trigger finger to be a head-shot master. You can search by type of game (strategy, action, etc) and gain all the training you need right from your couch (though the potato chips you are munching wont do you much good). You need a log in, but whats a 30 second form in the face of hours of zombie-killing fun?




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