Farmer’s Almanac

Published since 1818, the Farmer’s Almanac covers such diverse topics as astrological information, the moon cycle, and gardening and cooking advice. However, it is most well-known for its long-range weather predictions, which hold steady year after year with an 80-85% accuracy rate. When hiding out from an advancing zombie horde, it’s important to know upcoming weather events. Rainstorms and mud often slow down the undead, making it a prime opportunity to relocate to a safe house. The Farmer’s Almanac gives a general idea of what weather to expect each day.

The 2012 Statistical Abstract

The 2012 Statistical Abstract contains data compiled by the U.S. Census Bureau, highlighting social and economic trends on national and state levels. It contains information useful both before and during the zombie apocalypse, beginning with the population of an area – high-density areas should be avoided. Other helpful information includes communications availability and housing, for those seeking a safe house. The Statistical Abstract also includes information regarding agriculture and fishing, in case food runs short. Sections on environmental concerns, including air and water quality are useful in survival situations. The Statistical Abstract breaks down into sections, providing all the information needed to understand the benefits or drawbacks of any given area during the zombie apocalypse.

Pandemic Preparation

A disaster preparation website hosted by FEMA, contains useful facts on what to do before, during, and after a disaster. The Pandemic section, while narrowly focused on influenza outbreaks, is useful knowledge in case of a viral zombie outbreak. The before section lists ways to prepare for an outbreak, including food and water storage; the during section offers information on avoiding infection.

U.S. Military Field Manual 21-76 (abridged)

This military survival manual, abridged by the experts at the Zombie Survival and Defense Wiki, focuses mainly on evasion tactics, including camouflage, finding or creating a concealed shelter, and best practices for stealth movement. The website links to the unabridged manual in PDF form, available for download onto any smartphone or tablet in advance of the invasion, as a portable reference on the run. The complete manual contains further survival tips and techniques.

Zombie Taxonomy

The Zombie Taxonomy defines zombie attackers by type and cause.

Wondering what type of undead you’re dealing with? This Zombie Taxonomy has a quick definition of 13 common zombie types, broken down into biological or supernatural causes. The Taxonomy also includes several simple ways of distinguishing zombie type: fast or slow, lesser or greater, or size of horde. The Taxonomy is part of a larger study of Zombology, or the study of zombies. Though the larger study of Zombology may be useful in preparation for the apocalypse, the Taxonomy is a quick, informative reference recommended for users on the run.


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