Zombie Survival Kit

More and more organizations are urging people to create Zombie Survival Kits just in case of an outbreak or attack (who knows how the apocalypse may start).

GovTech put out a video on how to create your own kit, and GovLoop reposted it. Both are organizations that provide information to federal employees on to better their productivity and careers, so of course zombie preparation is right in that scope.


Check out the video here: Prepare a Zombie Survival Kit

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Permanent Camouflage

A new point about zombie apocalypse survival has been brought up recently in The Walking Dead. If you look like a zombie,  smell like a zombie, or walking with zombies, will you be able to walk amongst the undead unnoticed?

Some methods of camouflage include smearing your body with zombie guts, but for those germ-a-phobes who survived the initial outbreak because of extreme hygiene, there may be other options.

This guy decided to make his camouflage permanent. Think it’ll work?

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New and Improved

Check out the newly designed Zombie Reference site and let us know what you think by commenting here or there!


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Did You Get Your Flu Shot?

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Stocking Stuffer

It’s that time of year again. Black Friday has passed, and even if you chose to practice your zombie survival skills while navigating the hords of insane shoppers you probably still didn’t get everything for everyone on your list. While jewelry or a flat screen tv that you got for 90% off is nice, it might be best to give the gift that will keep on giving after the zombie virus is unleashed.


This handy little book by Steve Mockus will help the living communicate with the undead in hopes of agreeing upon some sort of co-existence. Best of luck.


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For the Reading Intolerant

For those of you too lazy to read all of the literature on preparedness and survival techniques, here is an easy to follow (and humorous if I might add) chart.

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Don’t Forget to Vote!

Today is election day and it is important to exercise your right to VOTE!

But while you are at the polls, please consider the rights of the underrepresented.

They need your support.

Visit these sites to learn more about the political plight of the Undead.

C.U.R.E: Citizens for Undead Rights and Equality

Zombie Rights Movement

Zombie Rights Campaign

Zombie Rights

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